Tracked Elevating Device - TED

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The safest and most productive way to remove/replace belly guards and other heavy components

The Tracked Elevating Device (TED) is an essential piece of safety gear for anyone working on dozers, graders, dump trucks and other mining and earth-moving machinery.

Hazard Reduction

TED utilises remote-control operation which removes personnel from suspended load hazards and safeguards against potentially fatal crush injuries.

All Terrain

TED can be deployed to the pit quickly and easily and can meet the demands of the toughests sites with the addition of a purpose built Pit Rescue Trailer.

Any Situation

TED can be used in very tight spaces under machinery to remove and replace belly guards and other heavy components.


TED allows for streamlined field maintenance which increases productivity and reduces the need for personnel to move loads around and between sites.

Innovative Attachments

TED has an ever increasing range of practical attachments designed to increase the safety and efficiency of countless workplace operations.

Technical Specifications

Length 1374mm
Width 778mm
Height 315-1172mm
Ground Clearance 60mm
Tare Weight 580kg
Safe Working Load 800kg
Ground Speed Slow 0.7 km/hr
Fast 1.1 km/hr
Motor Type DC 12 Volt, 2kW
Remote Frequency 32 Channels ranging from 433.000MHz to 434.550MHz
Part Number TED-ASY-000-00
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Unparalleled In Safety

  • Designed to protect against manual handling related injuries
  • Load lock valves
  • Strobe and alarm for visual and auditory warning when in use
  • Dual emergency stop features on both TED and remote control
  • Deadman switch on the remote
  • Dual pole lockable battery isolator
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Key Features

  • Remote-controlled operation
  • Adaptable to site conditions
  • Numerous safety features
  • Versatile attachment range
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Robust product warranty

Attachment Range

Maintenance & Support

Designed by a fitter, TED has been built to last and for ease of maintenance. Servicing your own TED will not void warranty. Regular servicing can be performed by your own fitters, by Nivek Industries or our Service Agents.

For a full service schedule and product support please refer to our support page. Support