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Accessing Support

All Nivek equipment has a unique serial number. If you require parts or information, please find the data plate and provide us with the serial number (circled on the right).  Current models will have their data plate located on the battery box. In some older models, the data plate is inside the door of the track frame. If you have a QR code on your data plate, by scanning this you can immediately download the operators manual on your smart device.

We keep detailed information on your equipment service history on file for warranty purposes and so that we can help pinpoint any problems that may arise. We have detailed work instructions available for maintenance procedures along with service check-sheets and a recommended maintenance schedule. Request any of these documents free of charge below.

We can get you in touch with an accredited service agent in your area who can book your equipment in for regular third party servicing, and can expedite the supply of spares particularly in remote areas!

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

  • Improves component life
  • Prevent downtime with predictive and preventative maintenance and component change-out
  • Improve battery run time by taking load off system
  • Improves manoeuvrability
  • Protects your warranty

Ordering Spares

Spares are held in stock and can usually be freighted the day (Monday-Friday) we receive your Purchase Order. Please provide the serial number of the equipment that the parts are required for.

If you require something quickly, please note this on the Purchase Order along with the freight method you would like used and an account number. We will do our best to get critical spares out ASAP. If we have to contact you for shipping instructions this could prolong your wait time.

Remotes usually take up to 3 business days to have ready for shipping as they require programming. If you are ordering a replacement remote please provide us with a picture of the start up screen of your TED, or if that is not available TED’s serial number so that we can ensure it is programmed to the correct channel.

Training and Compliance

We can provide your training department with a digital training package free of charge, or send qualified trainers to site at a cost. Nivek products come with engineering paperwork and Operator’s Manuals in hard copy and digital at your request. Pre-Start Books are available for purchase and are a fantastic way to maximise time efficiency while ensuring nothing gets missed. 

Digital Support at your fingertips

Request downloads for all the technical product information you need.

  • Operator's Manual
  • Parts Manual
  • Service Check Sheet or Maintenance Schedule
  • Maintenance Work Instruction
  • Training Material

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