Lift Assist 40 - LA40

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Lift assist arm designed to take the weight of up to 40kg

Lift Assist 40 (LA40) is a tool lift assist system designed to take the weight of rattle guns, impact drivers and torque tooling and reduce the risk of fatigue and musculoskeletal injuries for anyone working with heavy tools.

The LA40 lifting arm can be mounted to the front of TED or used on our mobile stand (currently in the design phase). You can also attach your Lift Assist arm to any suitable fit for purpose certified attachment point in your workshop.

Increase Workplace Safety

  • A tool lift assist system designed to protect against musculoskeletal injuries
  • Helps take the weight out of tooling up to 40 kgs
  • Articulation joints have been designed to push fingers out rather than pinch
  • Australian Standard compliant
Safe. Efficient. Reliable. Our Equipment

Key Features

  • Horizontal span up to 170cm
  • Vertical suspension range of 60cm
  • 6 points of articulation provide a full 360-degree circle of movement
  • Swivel boss provides the ability to swivel tooling vertically
  • Quick assembly due to quick release modules

Excellence In Safety

Nominated new product in 2019 Australian Mining Prospect Awards in the category Excellence in Mine Safety.


The tool lift assist system reduces worker fatigue and risk of injury so your workforce can achieve their maximum potential in a safe supportive environment.

Innovative Attachments

The LA40 has an ever increasing range of practical attachments designed to increase the safety and efficiency of countless workplace operations.

Lift Assist will allow you to set up your Lift Assist System according to your maintenance needs.

Technical Specifications


Tare Weight 26kg
Safe Working Load 40kg
Australian Standard Compliant AS1170.0:2002, AS1170.1:2002, AS1164.1:1997, AS4100:1998, AS4991:2004, AS2359.1:2015, AS2359.2:2013
Part Number AGA-ARM-100-00


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