Why Is Mine Safety Important?

Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Miners are exposed to an array of hazards both above and below ground that can cause serious injury, disability or death.

09 August, 2022

Quick Release Coupling Types Explained

Quick release couplings are a common way to practically increase efficiency in any application that requires the frequent connection and disconnection of fluid lines.

09 August, 2022

Tyre Safety Collaboration – Australian Mining Review

TYRE fitting in the mining industry is a tough job, with wheel and tyre combinations weighing many tonnes, bolts needing to be torqued to hundreds of foot-pounds and some fittings located metres off the ground.

13 May, 2020

Unstoppable TED – @ The Coalface Magazine

What started out as a life saving device to help safely remove difficult and dangerous to handle belly plates on heavy earth-moving equipment, has now evolved into a multi-faceted and versatile machine capable of a range of tasks, making life on the job a whole lot easier and safer for fitters.

13 May, 2020

Fitters’ Safety the number one commitment – Safe To Work

Following an unfortunate bout of injuries and fatalities, the mining industry is pushing for better safety and compliance, prompting many mines to rethink existing work practices and focus on making the right tools for the job available.

10 March, 2020

Call To Arms – Australian Mining Review

THE best tools in the world are usually designed by people who see a need to improve the efficiency or safety of their own job. Nivek Industries’ ingenious new Lift Assist 40 tool manipulator arm is the perfect example of a workplace solution based on real world experience.

14 July, 2019

Lift Assist arm a game changer for Mt Owen fitters

The practical design partnership between the Thiess Mt Owen team and Nivek tackled the weighty challenge of tooling – specifically the issues fitters had handling heavy tools for long periods in often cramped conditions..

04 July, 2019