TED’s extensive range of smart attachments help take the weight out of heavy, awkward maintenance tasks.

Physical fatigue elevates the risk of workplace injuries and reduces work quality.

Minimise risk, raise task efficiency and send your fitters home safely at shift’s end.

Don’t limit your TED to safe removal and replacement of belly plates.

Using the correct attachments with TED could help protect against shoulder and back injuries, hand and finger strip and pinch and crush injuries.

Attachment Types

Most of the attachments fall into two main categories – front attachments or turntable attachments.

The front attachments feature lugs that simply slide into the front of TED and are secured by two yellow pins. Most front attachments lift 200Kg which can be increased up to 400kg with the addition of Counter Balance.

Turntable attachments all have the same base footprint, attaching to TED’s turntable or an extender via 4 bolts. The usual weight capacity for this type of attachment is up to 800kg; less for pivoting and moving attachments.

Endless Versatility

Whether you’re working on dump trucks, dozers, graders, scrapers, service carts, push cats, water carts or any other heavy machinery, TED and attachments provide a stable base to safely conduct maintenance from. With jigs (attachments) designed in all different shapes and styles, the range of tasks that TED can take the weight out of is endless. We have attachments designed for general maintenance and more specific jobs on Liebherr Ultra Class, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, LeTourneau, Terex and many other types of machinery.

Apart from the list below, we regularly have new attachments in the design process. If you don’t see an attachment for a job you’d like to use TED for, drop us a line and some info about the job and we’ll see what we can imagine and create for you.

Jib Attachment

The opportunities are endless! Perfect for moving heavy components of varying shapes in confined spaces.


Track Roller Carrier

As the name suggests, the Track Roller Carrier is the fitter’s best friend for track roller change-outs. Keep fingers and hands clear of the crush zone.


Stand Locating Tool (Rhino)

Save your fitters from back and shoulder injuries sustained pushing heavy axle stands around; position them via remote control with the ‘Rhino’ Stand Locating Tool.


Steer Cylinder Cradle

Our incredibly versatile Steer Cylinder attachment is perfect for assisting in removing and replacing tie rods, steer cylinders and other cylindrical components.


The Front Belly Plate Cradle supports a D11 Front Belly Plate. (Above)

TED’s Track Roller Carrier makes light work of removing and replacing track rollers.

Front Belly Plate Cradle

The Front Belly Plate Cradle has been specifically designed for safe removal of the sloping front belly plate on D11 Dozers. By supporting them at the correct angle, the cradle avoids the need for dunnage..


Strut Spindle Cap Tool

Mounting to the top of TED’s turntable, the SSCT facilitates safe removal and replacement of the Strut Spindle Cap on Haul Trucks. The Strut Spindle Cap tool is tall enough to allow impact gun/hi-torque tool access to the bolts on the strut spindle cap.


Cutting Edge Maintenance

Let TED take the weight of cutting edges from a variety of machinery

Cutting Edge Tool

Our basic design is mounted to TED’s table top and will take the weight of cutting edges whilst being removed or re-fitted in the field or workshop.


Double Sided Cutting Edge Tool

Make planned maintenance a breeze! The cutting edge can be lowered into one side of the jig, scraped, buffed and levered to the second side. By simply turning the jig on TED’s turntable, the cutting edge will be ready to be refitted on the reverse side.


Grader Cutting Edge Tool

Designed with a lower reach, the CAT 24M Tool caters to a large range of graders and fits quickly to the front of TED via two pins.

Used in conjunction with the Counter Balance, the CAT 24M Tool can take up to 400kg.


Corner Cutting Edge Tool

Specifically designed for corner cutting edges at all stages of wear, the CCET has height adjustment support pins and can mount to a pitch adjustment module to fit with blades sitting at various angles.


Pitch Adjustable Attachments

Top mounted attachments for fine component adjustment

Slope Jig

Improve your process changing out Y-links, and LeTourneau ball caps with the adjustable slope jig table. Operational up to 45 degrees. The Slope Jig may be mounted to Extension Blocks for additional height.


Low Profile Pivot Table

This module will provide precise angle adjustment up to 15 degrees + and – to a range of attachments including the Sump Tray and Corner Cutting Edge Tool.


Pivot Table

Tilts up to 20 degrees either direction, making it perfect for supporting components on an angle.


Steer Idler Attachment

Specifically designed for the arduous job of removing and replacing steer idlers on Ultra Class trucks, the Steer Idler has angle adjustment supporting the Steer Idler at precisely the angle needed.


Sump Tray

The Sump Tray provides a large platform for component support, specifically where an angle is required. The Sump Tray can mount to TED’s turntable, Extension Blocks or any of our angle adjusting modules.


TED with Grader CET Attachment.

Capability Multiplying Extras

Get more out of your TED on an even broader range of maintenance tasks – mining, earth-moving and civil.

Fork Tynes

Move heavy equipment and components around in tight, low spaces with ease using TED’s width Adjustable Fork Tynes.


Tyre Handler

Lower manual handling and raise efficiency changing tyres on service vehicles. Adjustable arms and rollers make for simple, efficient one person tyre changes.


Counter Balance

TED’s Counter Balance option increases the safe lifting capacity of many of TED’s front mounted attachments from 200kg to 400kg.


Extension Blocks

Get extra reach from turntable attachments with versatile Extension Blocks. Extension Blocks are commonly used to reach steering components in conjunction with the Steer Cylinder Cradle and Slope Jig.



Access all areas with ease; have TED ready for the job wherever, whenever needed.

Track Options

Access a variety of terrains with our track options. Checker tracks come standard, unless you request Grouser or Neoprene.




Belly Plate Stands

These sturdy stands will support the load of a belly plate up to 800kg; perfect for the field where there is no access to forklifts and cranes. In the workshop these stands will save time and personnel waiting for a free forklift and operator.


TED’s Home

TED’s home not only creates the perfect storage solution, protecting against trip hazards for TED and up to 14 attachments, it also means that TED is more likely to be charged and ready to go at a moment’s notice.


Pit Rescue Trailer

Built tough specifically for haul roads the Pit Rescue Trailer will meet the toughest mine site criteria. Stabiliser legs, 1 tonne cargo net, tie down bar, and easy access storage pockets are just the beginning. Take TED from workshop to pit or site to site safely.



Universal Mounting Plate

The Universal Mounting System was designed to allow operators to arrange different types of support frames in a multitude of configurations dependent

on the task they wish to perform.

The Universal Mounting Platform has a series of M12 screw points laid out in a 6×9 grid at 75mm spacing, allowing operators to fix the brackets on either orientation. The support frames can be combined with tie down points (e.g. M12 eyebolt) to effectively support and secure all sorts of different shaped loads.

To further enhance its’ versatility, the Universal Mounting Platform

can be mounted onto any of the functional modules, Forward or Side shift, Low Profile Pivot Table, Extension Block or Slope Jig.


Attachment Stand

With the ever increasing range of TED attachments, additional storage space

is required. The TED Attachment Stand is a sturdy, adjustable shelf designed

to store multiple attachments. The stand is flat pack in design and the 3

upper shelves can be installed at 150mm increments.

The stand also comes with side mounting brackets, which can be used to store the Universal Table, Track Roller Carrier and the Stand Locating Tool.


Side Shift

The Side Shift module attaches to the turntable and allows operators to

mount various other component specific attachments onto it. The module can be manually adjusted +/- 50 mm sideways allowing operators greater control when lining up components during installation.


Forward Shift

The Forward Shift module attaches to the turntable and allows operators to mount various other component specific attachments onto it. The module is can be manually adjusted 80mm forwards or rearwards allowing operator greater control when lining up components during installation.



Attachment Video Showcase.

Move more with the Jib Attachment

Precise angle adjustment with the Steer Idler Attachment

Tie rod placement with the Steer Cylinder Cradle

TED in the Field

(Courtesy of a client)

Taking the weight out of tooling.

Cutting Edge Maintenance