Lift your site’s safety with the Lift Assist System

Lower manual handling; experience superior flexibility and control

There are undeniable links to fatigue and workplace accidents.

Don’t let your fitters add to the hand injury statistics. Get our Lift Assist range working hard to support your safety goals and help keep your fitters safe.

The Lift Assist System is designed to be as tough as your working environment. The arm can be mounted to the front of TED or used on our mobile stand (currently in the design phase). You can also attach your Lift Assist arm to any suitable fit for purpose certified attachment point in your workshop.

The Lift Assist Range

Set your Lift Assist System up to suit your maintenance needs.

The latest arm now features quick release components in each module for quick, easy set up and pack up. Greater flexibility through more shape configurations can also be achieved through the addition of the S Bend Extension.

Lift Assist 40 / LA-40

Protect against hand injuries and take the weight out of repetitive tasks with the Lift Assist 40 tooling manipulator arm.


Gimble Attachment

Achieve the sixth degree of movement, roll with the Gimble Mount Attachment. Chose from large or small depending on the tooling and the task.



Quick Release Coupling

The Quick Release Attachment enables you to have multiple tooling items set up ready to go with only seconds required to make the change.


S Bend Extension

The ‘S Bend’ module reconfigures the Lift Assist 40 arm to allow reach into tight spots.


Lift Assist Stand

Currently in the design phase, the LA Stand will enable the LA40 arm to stand 3m high making it suitable for tyre bays as well as the workshop.


Lift Assist 40 / LA-40 helps take the weight out of tooling up to 40 kgs

What industry is saying

David – Maintenance Coordinator

“Doing cutting edges with TED, the GET Attachment and the LA40 is ideal; you can do the whole process, with next to no manual handling.”

Adam – Safety Trainer

“A lot of the tools vibration and impact is absorbed by the LA40’s spring design. The fatigue management of the LA40 is just awesome!”

Jess – Fitter

“The range of movement and smoothness of the LA40 is really impressive, and allows me to work smarter, not harder.”