Take the weight out of servicing with Big TED

Big TED is a larger version of the original TED and shares many of the same features and benefits.

Big TED was primarily designed with increased lift capacity in mind. It comfortably handles weights above the safe working limit of the original TED, up to 3,000kgs, yet still maintains a low profile and maneuverability. Operated by a joystick activated remote control, Big TED can achieve even greater precision during its movement. The power system comprises of a rechargeable battery system allowing runs times of up to 2 hours continuous operation. With a powerful drive system, providing enough torque to carry the heaviest of loads around the workshop and up reasonable slopes, the Big TED is extremely responsive and user friendly.

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Big TED by Nivek Industries

Unparalleled In Safety

  • Designed to protect against manual handling related injuries
  • Load lock valves
  • Strobe and alarm for visual and auditory warning when in use
  • Dual emergency stop features on both Big TED and remote control
  • Deadman switch on the remote
  • Dual pole lockable battery isolator
  • Tilt sensor installed to reduce the risk of overbalancing
  • Load cells incorporated into the table to notify operators of overloading
  • Bellows cover to eliminate any scissor related hazards
Safe. Efficient. Reliable. Our Equipment

Key Features

  • Increased lifting capacity
  • Precision joystick remote-controlled operation
  • 2 hours of continuous rechargeable battery operation
  • 40 Amp charger included
  • Powerful drive motors
  • Low dimension profile
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Robust product warranty
  • Electric drive system

Radio Controlled

Big TED is wirelessly controlled by a paired radio system operating at 2.4GHz.

All Terrain

Big TED’s tracks allow travel over virtually any surface allowing deployment in the field saving a fortune on machinery transport.

Power System

A 24V battery system powers Big TED’s independent 3.5kW infinite control electric motors.


Big TED has been built with a powered turntable, table side shift, load cells, tilt sensor, to provide operators greater control and useful feedback.

Lifting Capacity

Big TED has been designed with an impressive 3,000kg (6,614lbs) safe working load lifting capacity.


Versatile attachments can be mounted to the Big TED turntable or table front allowing operators to perform a variety of tasks.


Includes a powered turntable, +/- 40mm side shift, loaded weight display, AUX power for attachments that provide operators with a fully controllable system.

Technical Specifications


Length 2,385 / 93.9
Width 1,475 / 58.1
Height Compressed 621 / 21.5
Height Extended 1,615 / 63.6
Ground Clearance 122 / 4.8
Tare weight 2,350 / 5,181
Safe Working Load 3,000 / 6,614
Ground Speed Maximum speed 3km/hr (1.8m/h)
Motor Type Two (2) 24VDC Brushless electric drive motors and motor controllers.
3.5kW with 51:1 Inline gearbox.
Electromagnetic brake
Power Unit 24VDC, 2kW Motor.
Dual 1.0cc Pumps with 4L (1gal) Tank
Hydraulic Cylinders Two (2) Hydraulic Cylinders.
3” Bore 1.5” Rod 480mm Stroke.
Battery System 24VDC 448Ah Battery system.
Eight (8) 6VDC 224AH Deep-Cycle AGM batteries in series.
Radio System Scanreco G3B Remote Control System.
G3 Receiver CANOpen Unit & Transmitter Mini Joystick (Paired System).
2.4Ghz operating frequency.
Slew Drive 24VDC 19.8rpm 40Nm Planetary Reducer Motor.
47:1 Worm Drive.
Actuators Two (2) 24VDC Electric Linear Actuators. 1
6.9kN rated force.
80mm stroke, 5mm/s speed
Part Number BTD-ASY-000-00


Big TED being used to remove 1 ton rails during dragline maintenance.

Maintenance & Support

Big TED has been designed with durability in mind. Servicing your own Big TED will not void our warranty, so your Big TED can be serviced by a fitter of your choice. Alternatively, Nivek Industries and our Service Agents can provide servicing and maintenance.

For further maintenance and product support information, refer to our support page. Support