IMG_4560Nivek® Industries, launched in December 2011, is an Australian owned company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of a battery operated, self-propelled, all terrain belly plate jack called TED™. TED™ was initially designed to reduce the risk of crushing injuries/deaths from suspended loads, and has evolved and is becoming a versatile load carrying device in many workshops across Australia and the USA.

The initial concept of TED™ was borne when Kevin Cant, the founder of Nivek Industries, narrowly escaped serious injury when the belly plate he was removing from a bulldozer slipped and fell in 2009. Over the following three years, the idea became reality as the concept was designed and eventual developed into the first TED™ prototype in 2011. The design has undergone several design enhancements over the years and is now proving itself as being a very versatile, cost effective, reliable, multipurpose workshop tool. Nivek® Industries prides itself on the workmanship of its’ products and provides highly responsive customer service to customers.

Nivek® Industries has experienced significant growth in recent years and we are committed to enhancing the safety of the workplace and increasing our product range with several concepts for future products currently being developed.